AFIS is a non-profit incorporated association established in August 2002 to address issues particular to international students. As a non-profit community organization AFIS is committed to generating multicultural awareness and planning cultural events in the general community. Our primary aim is to create awareness among students about the diversity of activities available to them, and enrich their experience of living and studying in Australia.

AFIS supports international students regardless of their culture or land of origin and the type of education they are engaged in, and to embrace international students from different backgrounds who have decided to spend their student period of life here in Australia. Through working in partnership with governmental bodies, education providers, student clubs and community organisations, AFIS unites international students and address their interests and needs.

The Purpose of AFIS is to:

  • Help bridge the gap between international students from various backgrounds and members of the local Australian community
  • Enrich experience of the country and its people during the studies period by offering a number of functions of cultural experiences
  • Make their adventure of living and studying in Australia an outstanding experience
  •  Provide an opportunity to express their ideas and concerns
  • Offer students proven sources of supporting information

AFIS vision is to involve international students in Australia’s multicultural community
through events and programs designed to assist our members interact with confidence
and security in Australia’s culture and community.

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